Xbox one controller - exceptionally poor quality?

Just bought an xbox one this weekend, but much to my chagrin, the controller is of extremely poor quality. Half the controller seems loose and clicks when I apply slight pressure. Has anyone experienced extremely poor quality with xbox one controllers, or am I standing alone on this one? It doesn't seem nearly as solid as the xbox 360 controller :-(


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Yes, when following the threads on day one of the X1 release, loose (popping) side covers was a much discussed topic. I thought, was under the impression, that MS fixed this problem?!  

So if you just purchased a New X1 bundled with a popping controller, then my guess would be that the unit is either an earlier edition (build date) which sit unsold on the store shelf, or the controller with a loose fitting side cover got past the QC dept.

In either case, I personally would take it back and get a replacment. Some stores you have 15 days in which to do so. And if possible, check the build date and get the newest one they have.

Wow..Dude your spot on. These controllers are the worst. How come they cruise out w/ these elites when there the ones that should be standerd..And we as consumers need to begin demanding more for our money..I mean unles your some jack tool who thinks Microsoft actually gives a *** about its consumers..Its mind boggling how they install a legal form of spyware onto there products & yet theres no outcry..I mean whether you wanna admit it or not your movement's are carefully scrutinized & this is just a tiny tid bit of jackwards smackabilty..But push forth you die hards.Because by accepting any & every thing they throw at you.Sooner or later youll pay double for even cheaper versions of this plastic / rubber trash..So how about it...Will you settle ?