Xbox ONE controller disconnects, sync, movement issues

Here's a video of my issue: 

I've had a replacement console, tried 3 controllers, and the issue persists.

Could it be the power supply? Anyone else had this issue?




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Update - called XBox support to try and get a new power supply. 28 days turnaround, and no option for advanced exchange.

Does anyone know of CoD profiles can we moved from Xbox ONE to PS4?

I'm giving up on Microsoft.

It looks like a bit of lag, have you done a hard reset of your console? Are you in the preview program? Does if do it while using it wirelessly?

I've tried a hard reset, factory reset, replacement Xbox from MS, 3 different controllers.

Same behavior wired or wireless, when I can get it to sync wirelessly, which is very rare.

It's not the game either, happens with other disks in the drive.

All cables re-seated etc.

I bought a new PS on Amazon, as it's the only thing that hasn't been replaced. Will try it this evening.

If that doesn't work, I'm all out of ideas.

Oh, and it happens before, and after, the controller firmware update (which is hard to do with a controller that doesn't work right!).

I'm not in the preview program, so don't get anything but public updates.

Hmmm weird, I can't see why a power supply would interfere with a controllers connectivity you never know though. Do you have anything else in the room that runs on a wireless connection? Bluetooth, routers, mobiles or CBs?

Well the new power supply didn't make any difference. So I've replaced the Xbox, controller, and power supply. Everything that comes in the box!

The router is in another room, nothing else in the Xbox's room.

The Xbox is hard wired (tried wireless, no difference), and the controllers have been on USB (only way to sync), so should rule out a wireless issue.

It used to work perfectly. This all started happening around the 1st April. Maybe an update caused it, but given that it's been 2 boxes I've tried, I'd expect more people to have this issue.

Anything else this could possibly be?!

I'm so sick of the sight of the Xbox right now.

Even though the Xbox is hard wired there will still be wireless signals or it wouldn't get a wireless signal. Try turning off the router and any wireless items. Many people have been having some issues with there controller I am one of them but not to your extent. So it could be a update that has done it, I'm sure a mod or a Xbox team member can confirm this?  If all else fails do you have kinect? Maybe it is giving out dodgy signals unplug it.

If not then it may be that you were just unlucky and got two broken items.

So the controller is still using wireless to connect, when the USB cable is used? And likewise, the WiFi is working, whilst an ethernet cable is attached?

I'll try disabling WiFi on the router, and see if it makes a difference.

I don't have a Kinect, so can't try anything with that.

When I did the advanced exchange, the box they sent me was a refurb, so I suppose there's a small chance I was sent one with the exact same issue.

Is it possible to take the Xbox to another house friend / family and try it on there connection to rule out anything there?

I'm going to grab it at lunchtime, and try it at work.

The trouble is that it will work sporadically. To the point that on occasion I've though that I'd fixed it by:

Ejecting the disk

Re-seating the power cord

Various combinations of turning off and on

Crying like a small child and begging the *** thing to work....

I'll report back this afternoon.

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