Xbox One Controller Disconnect

Hey all, just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows what it could be but over the last 2 weeks both of my controllers (a Day One, and a Titanfall one) have been disconnecting from the console many more times than even at launch. It happens 1 of 2 ways, it disconnects and flashes 4 times and then reconnects, or it does not flash at all (stays white) and just will not connect. You then have to pull the batteries to get the controller to turn off and then turn it back on.

Now, my first thought may be the batteries. I have been using the same set of rechargeables for years and they have been great. They are Ni-MH so they last much longer than standard rechargeables. But when I put in a fresh set after charging the battery icon only shows just above 50%. Other than that, my only other guess is a defect in the console or both controllers. 

I am just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, how did you resolve it? I am thinking of a Play and Charge kit for a quick fix until I find a better solution. Thanks guys!


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I've had this problem.

It's odd, sometimes I could go a week or two without anything, then it could happen 2 or 3 times in one day.

I haven't gamed so much lately but the last few times I've have I didn't have any issues and this was since changing over to a new set of rechargeable batteries so I would definitely suggest trying a new set first.

I haven't got an official play and charge kit but I know a friend who has and has had problems with the controller disconnecting so not sure if that would solve it.

Another thing to try if it got really bad and I know it's not the ideal situation but I've seen quite a few on the Support forums say they cured this problem by turning Kinect "Off" in the settings.

Another thing I've seen on the Support forums is people saying it hasn't happened to them if they completely power down their Xbox when it's not in use, basically completing unplugging the power socket from the wall.

Obviously I can't say any of these suggestions will work but no harm in trying.

Good luck.

Just spoke to my son about this who had it happen 3 times to him, he said completely re-synching the controller has stopped it from happening since.

It's Kinect. It's a feature that is supposed to read when you set your controller down and walk a way. It's supposed to turn the controller off to preserve battery, but I've noticed that this is the one thing about Kinect thats really hit or miss.

This is really helpful guys. @DanteSparda504 I have noticed the disconnect seems to happen when my controller gets set to my side or on the table in front of me. @Lofty, re-synching may also help. The only thing I was thinking that owuld help with the play and charge would be making it wired so the wireless is off. But maybe a new set is what I need. Thanks for all the great tips guys. I will definitely give them a try!

I'm having the same issues. It's obviously a known issue as many people are posting about it, but I don't know if they have acknowledged the issue or if there is a definitive fix or workaround.

i have the same problem or similar problem whit the stereo headset plug in, my controller keeping tun off and off, but the light stay on, then i have to turn off the controller by holding the home bottom or remove the battery.

same thing is happening to me. I put it down to my batteries starting to get defective. I guess there really is a problem!

I have the same issue though I figured it was just because my console loses sight of the pad. I will try the re-sync and see if that helps. Thanks :)

Hey guys, just to confirm, when I did a re-sync, that fixed it. However, it has started to do it again. I don't know if there is something in the controller or the Xbox itself doing it, but I have found that a full power cycle once a week and then re-syncing the controller pretty much avoids it. Kind of a pain though. Sometimes I just wait til it does it once and then just re-sync and that lasts me a little while. So frustrating in the middle of games!

Having the same issue. Mostly just freezes up with the light still on and having to pull the batteries out to cure it. This has just started happening since I updated the controller and  with the headset plugged in. Seems to be fine when the headsets not attached

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