Xbox One Controller contributing to Disconnection?


This is a new problem I have been running into recently. It used to be much worse but subsided for a while and recently returned. It's a strange phenomenon that I just can't figure out what may be causing this ridiculously frustrating problem. Here's how it works;

I'll be playing my games and everything is going fine. Next thing I know, my screen tells me to reconnect my Xbox One Controller and when I look down, my controller is Re-Syncing. Okay. Then, immediately after it is done Re-Syncing, I lose connection to Xbox Live and I get kicked back out of any game I am playing.

My Xbox One is on a Static IP address, but I am sure that there is nothing else in my house that uses such an IP address. But that is as far as I got with what may be the root of the problem. Any assistance would be helpful otherwise I may just go PS4 because it seems that this problem will greatly inhibit my gaming experience.


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