Xbox One controller build quality

Hi all,

my Xbox one (day one edition) controller is already coming apart down the left hand side ... I can handle poor build quality to some extent on the box itself - it doesn't move about too much - but the controller ... needs to be like a tank.

Any one else having problems ?

Can I get a replacement / repair ?



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You should be able to get a free repair, considering it's still under warranty and anything that came in the box is under warranty. This reminds me when I got my Xbox 360 slim. My mic died within a month and my controller started having problems around a couple months. I of course didn't think about getting a repair on it, so I missed out on that. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will repair controllers for free as long as they're under warranty. It should be covered with the warranty on it from the Xbox One itself. And I notice build quality of Xbox products have since went down. My current Xbox 360 controller, with the new style changing D pad, well the paint has pealed off of it big time, never had that problem with other 360 controllers.

Yeah me and my mate had issues with our controllers.

Bit hard to explain though, both our controllers had the left analogue stick start to have a rough grind when you swiveled the stick in a circular motion (around the edges). That was only a weeks worth of gameplay.

The other issue was the light bumper (LB) was not "clicky" like the right one.

Both controllers were sent back to our retailer and they were happy to swap them over. For such an awesome controller, I hope MS havent gone "cheap" on the quality of the materials to save money. We are happy to buy quality products guys!

We've noticed no issues with our 2 so far. However I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on them now.  

Yeah im not sure if we just pushed too hard on the analog stick when we play though with our previously 360 controllers, we played with them for many years with no issues at all. Other than your normal wear and tear, the 360 controllers were rock solid.

What's weird in my case was the "second" controller which had the rough grind with the analog stick was hardly used as i was using my day one. It was only on the weekend when my mate came round for a few games of fifa that he noticed it.

My Day One controller feels like there is a bit of movement in the casing for it. If I squeeze it too hard during game play I can feel it flexing ever so slightly. I went through the process of requesting a repair but I have to pay to send it back to the Czech Republic. I'm a bit reluctant to do that at the moment to be honest as its not going to be cheap. I'm also unsure whether or not the replacement would be a Day One or just a standard controller?! It states during the repair request that they will just send out a replacement when they receive my one.

The casing on my day one controller is coming apart on the left hand side as well. Was ok for a few days, but now seems to be getting worse. Having to send off for a repair is a real pain though - Plus I only have the one controller at the moment. After forking out £430 for a day one release, I'm not overly impressed by the build quality.

Ok, so I have waited two weeks to get my Xbox One (Day One Edition) and my controller won't turn on... Grrrr!

Being active duty US military stationed overseas, I am not sure if it worth it to send it back, wait four weeks just to get a standard controller...  Is Microsoft replacing these controllers with standard controllers?

So it not just me...

I have to say i thought the build quality of the controller was poor when i got my day one edition (compared to 360), all the reviews was praising how sturdy it was, mine didn't seem like it.

then my brother turned up with my early christmas present an extra controller,

well it wasn't till he left i used that controller, and wow, what a difference in the quality,its how it should be, solid and sturdy.

My day one buttons clicks are loud, and the bumper buttons rattle, and the plastic feels to bow and shift slightly from gripping, and as above, on the left hand side gap, i can almost see into it, i know immediately i should be using the new one.

So, ill see what more people on here have to say then, Im concerned it won't come back "day one edition" as really that and the box is about the only difference.

On mine the sticks seem a little dead around center points, real hard to play Forza when try to have smooth control around corners and shooter games I'm just all over the place. Thinking of buying another one just to compare. I was a little let down after all the videos I watched of people talking about how much better it was. Right now i have to say i do like the 360 controller better. Some other little things i dont like but for now the sticks are my big issue.

Here are some images of the left analogue stick

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