XBOX ONE console outages - times when I cannot use my XBOX ONE because it's unexpectedly decided to do some maintenance.

How many times has this happened to you?   You got a bit of free time - maybe 20 minutes - you fire up the XBOX one for a quick game and it instead wants to download and install an update.   This is a product design flaw.    Somehow the needs of the device have been prioritized about those of its user.

Updates can be downloaded in the background during idle times.   If the user must be bothered about it, then only after the entire patch has been downloaded.   The type of thing seems endemic to Microsoft design - lots of unexpected maintenance tasks at inconvenient times where the user has to stare at a progress bar.   There are so many examples of products where this stuff has been designed away.

It's embarrassing for me, but more so for Microsoft, when I have people over to watch a movie or play a game and I power up my xbox one and we spend the first 20-30 minutes watching a progress bar for an update.   I'm trying to show off your device but instead....

Design this stuff away.


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Hasn't happened very often. Set it to instant on and it will do it when you arent on. Heck I didn't even realize I got the last dash update no progress bar or anything but I did get it.

You must be getting a lot more updates than I get!!!

Everything for me downloads in the background or when I'm not at home, so there are no issues for me. However, if you're on at odd hours as the updates become available or are just on so much that that it seems like you're having to wait all of the time, then I wish you the best of luck...

i love the download part on the xbox one. the 13gb update for dead rising 3 i didnt even wait for it took 20 seconds

Mine updates by itself.

Rare that I would have an update that would disrupt me. Sometimes I may have videos snapped and go to another app that required an update and would unsnap my vid. Whenever that would happen it would only be a minute, if that. Other than that, no big issue, its not like the 360 where it flat out kicks you off when updates come.

My OS updates happen in standby, I don't even see them. All games' updates download in standby and I only have to let them install, which takes 10-20 seconds. Do you have your system in a Instant On mode?


I haven't actually seen my console update for a while. By the time I turn it on, all its updates are already done.

If you're on so often that you're catching it in the act, then it seems that you get a lot more than 20 minutes, at a time. Certainly a lot more game time than I get.

To be honest, I kind of wish there was some sort of official notice telling you what was updated. A lot of the time, I'll see that a game or app has updated and have no idea what exactly has changed - I don't like not knowing.