XBOX One Chat Adapter & Turtle Beach Issue

I have the Turtle Beach X41 headset from my 360 days.  They run off the optical out port.  I have been concerned because they will be sending game audio to the headset as well as the new controller/adapter sending audio.  

I got the adapter today and updated the controller.  The TBs are running off of the optical out port, which is set to Bitstream, and the Bitstream is set to DD 5.1.  The audio is excellent when not using the adapter.  As expected, both audios are present once the adapter is plugged into the controller and I plug the headset into the adapter.  If I turn down the TB audio, then I am just hearing the stereo audio coming through the controller / adapter (kind of defeats the purpose).  If I turn the mix to 100% chat and 0% game audio on the adapter, and then turn up the TB audio on the headset, my friends get an echo from their chat.  Anybody else having this type of issue with 3rd party headset?


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have u tried the xbox support page because there is a section for the adaptor. i think this is the right one.

I have no idea how you are set up, but you should not be getting any game audio from the CHAT adapter. Sorry I can't be more help, but all I can say is something is wrong with your setup because game audio is not supposed to come through the controller at all. I bought a chat adapter that was a modified version of the standard headset (off eBay) for my X41s and I get only chat through the controller and only game audio through the optical.

Actually the chat adapter that they are selling as of today does send both game audio and chat audio.  There are even two buttons on the adapter itself that you can use to adjust the game audio vs chat audio percentage.  The new Polk headset and the two new Turtle Beach X1 headsets get all game and chat audio through the new stereo headset adapter that was released today.

I imagine that your modified version of the adapter is actually a much better solution for 3rd party headset users, because it was modified off of the chat microphone and adapter that came with the X1.  It was designed to just deliver chat audio back and forth.

Now that Microsoft has gone down the road of both game and chat audio coming through the controller and adapter, it has changed the playing field.  It is great if you use a headset that doesn't have any other audio signal coming to your headset.

Also, I did look through the link above.  It is where I got the idea to turn game audio to 0% and chat audio to 100% coming through the adapter.  Thanks for the idea though.

So when I use these with my astro a50's I should turn the game volume all the way down and chat volume up. I may just end up modding my original adapter.

Yep.  If you use the MS stereo adapter, you'll need to two the chat button (person image on it) until it beeps to set game/chat balance all the way to chat only. The volume up/down buttons simply increase/decrease the combined volumes, keeping the balance constant. My buddy and I took a bit getting rid of echoing in his Tangos last night, before we figured out how this works. We have only been able to minimize (not eliminate) the chat static issue by moving the mic around, but it still gets staticky with loud voices.

..need to push the chat button.. Tablet input is painful.

Can some explain to me how come chat dont work for me at all they can hear me I get nothing back unless I unplug the adapter I've hot button with no success no tone or anything

@ DeJarnette

I replied to one of your posts here:

Check it out if you like, let us know how you go.

The chat adapter pulls game audio and chat to the headphons. I'm using a pair of Bose headphones with an inline mic. Works a charm with headset adapter. No wire to console. Its wireless. Just plug the 4pole 3.5mm plug into adapter, and I get game audio and chat. If you dont believe me, do some research.

None of that works I'll call support I guess or return the adapter and try onther

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