Xbox One Cable Box/DVR Pass-Through Question

I’m excited to have my Cable Box/DVR connected to the upcoming Xbox One/Kinect 2.0.  I like the idea of using voice commands to turn the system on and watch TV, etc…but this may be a bit much for my wife to handle.

Is it correct to assume that my wife can ignore the voice commands, keep the Xbox One off, and use the Cable Box/DVR remote to watch the TV, as we currently do?


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Since the cable box would be plugged in via HDMI to your Xbox, the Xbox would need to be on. But from what I just watched on a video you can probably still use your good old TV remote even while your box is connected to your console. I linked where you can watch this video below.


I would think that for your wife  to be able  to watch TV (and use TV remote) that the Xbox One doesn't need to be on but merely plugged in (Standby). It makes no sense that the Xbox One would have to be turned on for passthru.

Yes, William YZF R1, that is what I was thinking.  The Xbox One is in "stand by" mode while not on, so it can be bypassed for simpler viewing.