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Need help with my xbox one. Everytime I play ryse, it's really buggy and laggy. It's not my internet connection. I checked. It's really slow. And when I put in deadrising 3 it takes forever to load on the main screen. It just keeps saying loading, like it froze. So I put in another game to see if the problem is with the console itself. I put in cod ghosts and I clicked multiplayer and it's jut froze right there on the screen. Is this my console? Or the games? I dont think it's the games, because they don't have any scratches. Does anyone know what is going on?

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It is probably a faulty console if you know it's not your internet. I would say maybe something went wrong during the installation. Maybe uninstalling them and re-installing them would help? Idk for sure, I'm not exactly a pro. I hope you get it fixed though!

try resetting to default setting and redoing everything over again.

had to do that because my dog was running through the room and unplugged the power cord

before resetting to default try holding the power button in for 5 seconds then uplugging hte power cord for 10 seconds or so.

Your console is fine Tic.  Alot of people are having ridiculously slow install times.  Something to do with coding, it's been worked on and should be fixed in an update soon.  As for the issue with Ryse, have you tried resetting your modem?  I assume you play while connected to the net.  Not sure if this would have anything to do with that issue but ya never know.