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So I know it will have party chat but say I'm on a x1 and a friend is on a 360, would the party's work? I'm guessing it'll come out sooner than later because of the July 7 update.(which may be crashing my live). 


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If we all scream loud enough for it, it might happen.

They won't enable the Original Xbox emulator to run on top of the Xbox One's 360 emulator. To do so would be silly.  An emulator, emulating another emulator??

Many original Xbox already have performance issues.  They wouldn't go away, in fact performance would be worse.

It could technically be done.  The Xbox One has the same CPU architecture as the original Xbox, but the graphics hardware is still different.  To do this on the One would require new software. And since original Xbox games are unlikely to generate profit, I would say original Xbox gameplay on the One will be highly unlikely.

True. But original xbox games that are bc on the 360(Halo 2,star wars republic commando,)  could work since the xbox 360 emulator on xbox one should be able to play it.  Also I just assumed the x1 would be able to emulate original xbox games through brute force emulation.

While the Xbox One is able to emulate the original Xbox in theory, it wouldn't be worth the effort due to the age of the games as well as the fact that the Xbox Live servers for the original Xbox have been offline for the past 5 years. Also, the Xbox games were free to use obscure cpu and gpu functions as well as various APIs and were not standardized so it would take a lot of effort to map them to the Xbox One's cpu and gpu and to iron out the bugs.

Thanks for the info. Also on a side note, if they can emulate Xbox 360 games they should be able to emulate original xbox games(in the future) right?

They did say at E3, if you're playing a backwards compatible game on the X1, you will be able to communicate with people playing on the 360.

To my knowledge there is no plan for cross platform Party communication.