Xbox One Backwards Compatibility.

Okay so, I'm assuming everyone knows about backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.
But I myself, am a little iffy on the details.
So if someone could help answer my questions, it would be greatly appreciated!

1. Are the graphics for the 360 games going to be improved for the Xbox One?

My thoughts, I don't think so, due to the fact the original Xbox games did not have improved graphics for the Xbox 360.

2. Will we be able to play with people on the Xbox 360 because we are playing 360 games?

I don't think so again, I think they will just make new servers.

And that's all I can think of at the moment, if you have a question yourself, leave it below!!


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Games will run the same graphics that they do on the Xbox 360.

You will be able to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console with Xbox 360 users.

Don't now about your 2nd question, but would think that the X1 would upscale the 360 games a mite as I DO NOT believe that emulation of 360 games is what is being done to allow BC from the 360 to Xbox One.

I personally think that to get BC they had to tweak how the GP/CPU rendered the games Digitally. For, and someone can correct me if I wrong. When you insert a 360 gamedisc into the X1 optical drive (Net connected) the system will reconize the disc and then the online aspects of the system takes over and the game is downloaded as a Digital copy W/Codex requiring the disc to be present in order to play the game.

If true, then that tells me that emulation (Least in the way one would normally think of emulation) has little to do with it at all, and as such allows for the system (Hardware and software) to render the game as if its actually a current gen title.

If that makes any sense to anyone. Heck I said it and while proof reading what I said, still don't comprehend it! Yet I don't know of any other way to discribe my feelings as to how they did it any better than that.

But I do know that over on the PS forums. BC on current gen is now the talk of the town.

I'll try ME offline and let you know how it works out, it certainly read my disc and there was 2 installs. One was 4.8gb and the other 7.9gb.  I don't think these games are streaming, I do think the 360 gui/console is emulated. I'm on the ps forums, Eu/Aus, and there is 1 topic. Sony aren't interested and have said If it was easy they would have already done it, they aren't desperate to sell consoles and I think going from Cell to x86 is no small task.

This shouldn't be such a big deal and as for offering invites to the preview program? It's about actually previewing the software, all of a sudden we have a hundred "can I get an invites" when I'm %100 that people want to just try BC instead of actually previewing. If you've still got 360 games then you've probably still got a 360, I can't see any graphic updates happening yet.

@Electro I am no tech genius but I dont think that's how it works.

From my understanding MS created a Virtual 360 on Xbox One, so each 360 game basically thinks its still running on a 360. That's why you get the 360 guide along with the toast notifications from 360.

I could be completely wrong and someone can feel free to correct me if I am.

As far as the second question the OP asked about 360 parties, Yes you can party chat with 360 gamers, and play MP with them if the title has a MP component. Be aware though, the audio codecs between 360 and XB1 are different and the quality isn't as good as on XB1.

The only game I had from that list is Defense Grid. I got it with GWG. I wonder if it will still be there for download since I didn't technically buy it.