xbox one backwards compatibility question

lets say you have a game like fall out 3 game of the year edition.  It comes with a dlc disc and a game disc.  Would I put in the dlc disc and download the content onto my xbox one and then insert the game disc or would I just be unable to use the dlc on disc?  I know this game isn't on the BC list yet but if it is I would like to know how to go about getting the dlc to stay with the game.


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You should be able to use the game and the DLC that you have on disc.

the game will need to be fully DLed to the your HDD.. not sure how it is now.. but what single disc would you use on the 360??  my guess it will be set up the same way....

I'm guessing the secondary disk that installs the DLC add ons would also need to be backwards compatible. Not much has been said about second disk installs for DLC. We do know add on DLC is being worked on so it does work with the backwards compatible titles.