Xbox One AV Reciever/ TV power on Question


 I have looked around the web and cant seem to find out how exactly the Xbox On function will work? I have a Pioneer VSX 1020 Reciever and a Samsung PN58C8000 tv. If my Cable box is plugged into the back of my Xbox and then the Xbox is connected as an input to my reciever, how will my tv and reciever turn on?

I would have assumed they would use HDMI - CEC but samsung supports AnyNet + and that is more or less samsung specific . Also what about the people without HDMI CeC would MS leave them in the cold? I am guessing not so there has to be some other solution?

Can someone please share some insight.



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ARJUN.....Unless the XBox One remote can control your  AV rcvr then I see no way for you to be able to turn it on other than by the rcvr's own remote.  You can also look into getting a Universal Remote (like a Logitech) that you can program to turn on all of your components.  Other than that I don't think you can turn on the AV rcvr by other any other means.  Hope this helps and if not please let me know.  Thank you

Hello sky zoo , thank you for your reply !! I would agree with you but if that is the case, how come it would turn on the tv when you say 'Xbox on '. If you believe it's through HDMI cec, it should also work with the hdmi cec reciever I have ? So basically how do you think the xbox is able to turn on the tv with the xbox on command ? I have a harmony one ultimate and I love it but I am very keen to have the simple seamless voice experience where I simply say 'Xbox on ' and everything just turns on and to the right input .

Thanks again !! Please let me know !!

I believe I read somewhere that they have written lots of remote codes into the Kinect so that for the majority of people, it will be able to turn on everything for you.

The first time you log on, if you want to use that function you will press a button on your remote and Kinect will copy it. Then whenever you want X1 to go on, say "Xbox On" and Kinect will send out the required IR signals. Say "Xbox Off" and Kinect will send out the corresponding signal before shutting off the system.

ARJUN  I'm not that familiar with the Kinect and how it works as I won't be using it at all,  but like you  said as long as the HDMI CEC components are connected properly and the Kinect has codes for your AV rcvr then it should work.  Try googling how to connect HDMI CEC components with the XBOne and see what comes up.  I'm just not up to speed on how the Kinect works.   Sorry for any confusion if I caused some.

Something else to consider is the type of HDMI cable you are using.  Make sure the cable you use is able to pass the signals....just something else to consider.

Sorry for all the post's but I did some research and found that the HDMI-CEC with the Kinect should turn on all of your components (TV and AV Rcvr) with the XBone.  So until you can get everything connected and in synch you won't know until then if it works.  One suggestion is to use the same HDMI cables for all your components to minimize the chance of one cable not working.

Think of it like a sky remote. You know how they can be set to turn on and control your TV. Same kind of thing. PROVIDED your tv etc is supported by a access code.

Wow thank you all for your help !! The IR thought is looking very positive as HDMI cec can get murky when individual manufacturers try and keep it brand specific ( samsung- any net + , Sony - Bravia Sync, ....). IR will control all devices new or old and sounds much better . But where did you guys learn about the kinect ir information ? I couldn't find a thing . Also what about when people have an entertainment center and the receiver is in a compartment but the tv is wall mounted ? Will it come with external or blaster see could connect for such situations ?

Thank you !!

I found the information from this link

here's a clip of the info I was talking about in my previous post......The Xbox One does support HDMI-CEC, but despite my quiet pleas, this control protocol hasn't been implemented into a single one of the boxes that can access tons of premium content. This includes the latest X1 from Comcast and the latest TiVo Premiere. The reason for including CEC in the Xbox One is to control the TV and the AV receiver. Without it, walking into your house and saying "Xbox On" wouldn't turn those devices on. Sure, Microsoft could use IR for this as well, but unlike most set-top boxes, every decent TV and AVR sold in the past five or so years supports CEC. How extensively the Xbox One will leverage it is unknown, but anything short of power, input and volume control of your home theater would leave me disappointed. CEC is very useful, but the standard command set isn't enough to schedule recordings or pass metadata. It is extensible, though, but this would require third parties to not only support CEC, but to also support Microsoft's expanded command set.

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