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ok so i know the xbox one has hdmi only and then the ir blaster. now i'm a huge tech junky but have never used ir cables. is it pretty much just plug and play as long as my surround system supports it? i read the blaster turns the surround sound on etc, but the audio actually transmits through the cable correct? or do i have to hdmi passthrough my tv back to my surround sound for it to work properly? ya i'm sure this has been asked before but meh, i'd rather be certain. 


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Ideally, you will have a receiver that supports HDMI input as well as HDMI output.  If so, you will connect the HDMI from the XB1 to your receiver, and you will also have an HDMI from your receiver to your TV.


Now, if your receiver does not support HDMI input/output, then you will need to have the HDMI go from XB1 to your TV directly, and then you can have either an audio out (either analog or digital) from your TV to your receiver, or you can use the digital audio out from the XB1 directly to your receiver.

The IR Blaster is in the Kinect itself, when you say "Xbox On" the Xbox turns on, and the IR codes that turn your TV, audio receiver etc. are emitted by the Kinect and turn on those devices


As for your audio problem, can you not just use the optical cable for your audio and the HDMI for your picture? that's what I currently use on my 360 and it works great.

that was my question exactly shaggy. lol if i can just use ir for audio and hdmi for video. sorry i ramble and it's unclear lol.

IR has nothing to do with Audio or Video.  It is the remote control.  It just replicates the "Infra Red" light that comes out of your remote control, to power devices on and off and change channels and maybe volume.