Xbox One Audio Question (volume control)

Ok guys have a question (bare with me I am new to this). I am suprising my son with the Xbox One on Friday, (he thinks its coming Xmas) so Friday morning I will be setting it up while he is at school. Ok right now my cable box is HDMI and goes to the tv, and from the tv the digital output goes to my receiver for my surround sound ( My remote changes only the volume on the receiver, NOT the tv).  So when i setup the Xbox One I know I run the cable HDMI through the XBO and then to the tv. If I leave the digital output from the tv. Will the XBO and the kinect setup so that I can use voice commands to change channels on the cable box AND change volume through the stereo receiver?

Hope my post makes sense. Just a clueless dad trying to get some help.


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Your post makes perfect sense, I am hoping to do something similar. As far as I am aware the xbox can do the following:

Television: on/off, volume up/down and mute

Cable or satellite receiver: on/off, channel selection (in supported regions)

AV receiver: on/off, volume up/down and mute

I can't confirm any of this though as I haven't got my hands on it yet, but from googling it would appear the setup you (we) have in mind is possible. :)

I still haven't found confirmation that the xbox can do audio passthrough of surround sound. That piece of info will determine on what way I chain/connect my devices.

Same here guys,,can't confirm either but i think its all going to work that way

Okay guys just got my Xbox one and I hooked everything up, yes you can control the volume on your surroundsound system just by saying volume up volume down once in the settings menu of the Xbox one you go to devices once in devices you'll be able to select from three different options one being your cable box one your television and one your surroundsound.

The Xbox one communicates with all three devices using the IR blaster on the kinect sensor. Once everything is up and running it actually is very smooth to switch back-and-forth change channels and turn up and down the volume

Yes, I have mine setup the way you describe and the Xbox communicates with all my devices. And while I can change the volume using voice commands and SmartGlass, I can't see any way to do it with the XBO controller. Anyone know of a way to do that?