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It really does need to have the ability to be able to rip music and also be able to provide the album covers of albums and names of tracks. Not having this implemented would be as though MS was taking a step backwards and not forward, please fix this.


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Wouldn't ripping CDs technically be a step backwards?

@XxSTIXXxX it would be a step back,they need to patch and return but with usb or stream ripping also. who doesn't play they own music with games or just listen to it. Screw Xbox music, that's what they are trying to sell due to the ripping ability blocked.

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Wouldn't ripping CDs technically be a step backwards?

[/quote] Xbox360 was able to rip cd's, it's next gen now with this new console having something removed that was once implemented is taking a step backwards. The same way how people feel as though next gen should be backwards compatible and be able to play xbox360 games but it doesn't. Also if MS removed this feature to force people to use xbox music I am not liking that at all. You cannot force people to use something that they are not really to big on. The same way how certain people did not like / feel that the kinect 2.0 was forced upon them when they saw no practical use for it. I like xbox music but I am not going to pay 99 bucks a yr just to listen to music when I have my own music cd's. I want to be able to rip my own music cd's as well as having the ability from ripping from a usb. I only have xbox music because I got it for free by winning a sweepstakes entry the mazda one I think it was. So I have it for a whole year.

We'll had it since day one

And I must say it's carp to many restrictions

And now this Thanks Microsoft

yet again you held back the full story

won't be backing you next time.

This is a joke i can't believe MS have removed the use of cd ripping and usb music for their own money grabbing xbox music. Is the price we pay for the console and games not enough that we now have to pay for listening to music on it most of which will already be paid for on another format whether that be cd or digital. What's next not being able to watch BR/DVD's and only being able to do it by paying a yet another monthly fee for. Surely part of your big xbox one can do everything thats why its called xbox one includes being able to play your own music.