xbox one app idea

red box app so we can rent games!!!!!!


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There is a redbox app

can you rent games on the  xbox one?

No. Just video

regardless you should be able to rent a game for a night or a couple days or how ever long toy want to keep paying for time if your friend is over with there box and they have a game that you want to play you should be able to rent it and it would be better then a demo cuz you get the game in its complete form but dont have to fork out all the cash you have for a game you may not like and with games going digital and them being unable to be traded in it makes complete sense  

It would make sense and be really cool but when you have redbox instant I think you can only reserve copies of the game in general so they'd have to add a new feature for console gamers and there is probably more legal things that go into adding rentable digital downloads of games.