xbox one, any ideas

doeas anyone have any ideas what to do to get my money out of my xbox one.

i got pulled into buying one with forza 5 looking tempting and all the up talk microsoft told us about it yet the only game i play on xbox one fails and the console is sitting like a expensive peice of ornamant.

i mean the console, its takes ages to turn on, always for some reason has to install games which removes the point in buying a disc, loading times are no quicker, the graphics look the same, the dashboard and all the menus are over complicated and take ages to use, get an annoying thing in corner of my screen saying konect is unplugged because i dont have room for it and i dont like the idea of being spied on.

i mean honeslty in the middle of a race on forza 4 on xbox 360 i can press middle button and look at a message whilst online so no pausing, yet one xbox one it takes way to long to check messages you have to put time aside to do it.

i do play cod but all my friends are playing it on 360 so im not upgrading that game.

on my favourite game, i find it relevent to talk about it here because its a microsoft company game, in my personal view there was no new cars or tracks i like, they got rid of all the good ones, put to much emphasis on open wheel cars and is trying to get rid of fomula one by trying to get there players to play forza 5. also i though the xbox one was suppose to be next gen yet they let turn 10 release a game with no cars or tracks on it. honstly forza 2 which is 6 years old had more cars and tracks also the graphics look the same.

ok now i finshed that rant any ideas of anything to play? i feel like theres a void in the list of launch games. 

can anyone reccomend a good game that is out?


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Battlefield 4 is a good game, the graphics are clean looking. My friends told me not to waste my money on Forza 4 that need for speed is better. I havent tried it yet but if Im buying a racing game it will probly be NFS. Rome is a good game but its short. For not having friends that are playing Call of duty on xbox one its time for new friends lol thats what I have been doing is making new friends. I think the graphics are very clean and the xbox one is ment for it be be left on all the time, you can turn your konect off at the settings if your worried your being watched. Remember the blockbuster games are coming out 2014. Hope this helps

Give it time, just like when the 360 came out it took years for it to get were it is today. Its gonna take alot of updates to clean and fix things up the way people want. And 2014 is almost hear so theres gonna be alot of good games coming out and alot of games to be announced .

I'd go for Dead Rising 3. I played it  yesterday on my xbox one. It's probably one of the best launch titles, and it's only on xbox one.

thank you all for the replys and comments. i know its gonna take time just hard when they buiild expectations and then you spend a lot of money on something just to play games.

yes i know its designed to do more than just play games but thats all i use console for and i dont think im gonna ever change that.

ive considered battlefield 4 and my best friend on xbox plays it on xbox one just not a competitive gamer so do struggle against people who play to win so im still undecided on that.

i might give deadrising a go i hear a  lot of good things about it but i onll ever played number 2 for like 10 minutes, is it a difficult game to get into?

i might just have to wait for a racing game because nothing can cut better than forza 3 or forza 4 for me.

thank you again for all your time and comments :)

have a merry christmas and a happy new year