Xbox one and WiFi

I'm sure this has been asked before but when my Xbox one is on every other device in the house WiFi gets weak like when my sisters roku is on and not my X1 the roku gets a HD picture but as soon I turn on the Xbox one the picture looks like a 1970's TV picture .... I just wanted to know if the Xbox one post to take all the WiFi power or its just my house


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Sounds like you may need a newer router that prioitizes the wifi traffic better.

Never happens here. ..:)

OP, you don't have to worry about the X1 interfering with the other devices on your WiFi, but as others have posted it sounds more like an internet bandwidth problem, most site suggest a 3-6mbps connection in order to steam in HD, so if you only have a 5mbps download, the X1 could be soaking up enough bandwidth to force a video stream down to SD.

if you have a faster internet connection, then you might want to check your router to make sure a neighbor it's getting on your WiFi and stealing your bandwidth.

It sounds like you have the Xbox One IP traffic prioritized via QoS.

Try restoring the router back to default settings.

sounds to me like someone doesnt have the bandwidth to be able to support multiple devices using the connection. What is your download/upload speed?

OMFG...Yeah,...he's right...^^^