Xbox One and multiple gamer tags and consoles

Anybody have an idea how multiple consoles in one house would work? I have 3 kids each with their own gamertag, was wondering if I bought 3 Xbox ones if my tag would be the primary on all and have the other 3 tags as users under the new family pack or whatever it will be called or am I going to have to pay for multiple subscriptions? And will I be able to play all of the consoles at the same time? Originally when the One was introduced it sounded like it would be ideal for my situation but now since the backpedal might not be quite as appealing. And any ideas on the sharing of content like dlc with the other accounts?

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You will need to pay for two account. you can use one as your primary Xbox but sing in to a diffidence one. then have one for your last Xbox.  that way all 3 have xbox live.

Probably not  ^^^

I'm aware the family plan is cancelled. Microsoft announced that you could have several accounts under a main or primary account. My question is can I run multiple consoles simultaneously with the different gamertags listed under that account and share digital content. I have 4 gamertags currently and the family plan worked well for me, except for having to buy multiple games and dlc. When it was announced that I could consolidate and only have to pay for one live account that could share content, it sounded good to me. But with my understanding there could be an issue for multiple consoles in the house now that they have changed there drm policy

this just in, AGAIN ; family plan cancelled as of end of Aug....1 console in a house can be marked as home xbox where 1 gold user can purchase digital games and every other silver user on that ONE console can play those games...all your other consoles will need to have gold member accounts and seperate game purchases to play If im reading the criteria right.

I think you were misinformed about how it worked with the older system, sounds like you may have to read up on the family policy they talked over about 2 weeks ago.