XBOX ONE and how I think they will be able to improve

 I was well exited to get xbox1 and when I finely got it I was like this thing is huge and said to my mum/mom we need to put this xbox on a tredmill and im very upset about the dashboard/home it is so boring to look at and they have stole the idea from windows 8 with the tiles and wish I could change that boring black background and to be fair there is nothing to really do on xbox one unlike the 360 you got all the arcade games and free games with gold you had a motto/bio you could send voice messages and everything was easy to find and nothing ever looked the same as the last thing you looked like on xbox ones store just the samething over and over I really hope they make an update so and make the xbox one fun again what I think they need to do on the next update is give us the ability to change how the home looks and allow us to use the arcade games we had on the 360 on the xbox one and maybe allow us to use some if not all 360 games and give us a community game like on ps3 they had ps home so why not make something like that as it was fun and call it ONE WORLD that would be awesome what does everyone else think let me know and also add me

thx everyone

p.s I hope you read this xbox team


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Longest sentence ever, and I'm sure lots of updates will be coming out.