Xbox One and Frontier FIOS Motorola cable box - HDMI protection

So, connecting my One, the cable box throws an error about hdmi (or HD) protection, screen was blinking so I couldn't read the whole message. I never got TV image, sound is pulsating rhythmically on-off and no image, but the guide comes through just fine. Any idea if One will work with my cable box? Anybody else has this issue? Was thinking about switching my cable provider, this will definitely be the last straw.


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Simply the Xbox one does not work with Frontier Fios Motorola cable box. It's a HDPC problem.

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Alright, I got a XOne for Christmas.  Do I even bother running it through my Frontier FiOS Motorola cable box?  Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


If the wife just wants to watch TV then TBH I wouldn't even bother running your cable box through the One.

HDMI passthru for Microsoft means having your One turned on (not standby) whenever the wife just wants to watch TV - Major malfunction IMHO 


Thanks for the reply.  I found an obscure Facebook post where someone with Frontier FiOS has been in contact with their support and it appears to still be an issue.  Let me ask you guys this, what exactly am I missing by not running my cable through my Xbox?  Thanks.

I believe Fios is or has an APP out for your situation. I'm not a FIOS customer but I hope this helps.

Thanks all for the thread.  I was experiencing the exact same issue and determined that it has something to do with DRM.  Eventually fixed taking my A/V receiver out of the middle and going cable box to xbox one to TV, very similar to LoungeFlyZ.  Only difference is I went optical audio from TV to A/V receiver/.  

Main benefit is that xbox provides all-in-one interface to many services, including cable.  Its a pain (thanks Frontier) but workable.  Doubt any other options are much better (Comcast).  My FiOs works great.

Thanks for the updates guys.  Lets keep an eye on this.

@Lounge-could you please take a moment and educate me on what features you are able to take advantage of by running you cable box through the Xbox One?  Obviously, I'm not, so my setup is just like it was with the 360.  I did set up my Kinect but I cant' see myself using it very much.  Thanks

I have been using Frontier with my XBox One for a long time now.  I had to pipe Frontier directly into the Xbox vs. through the receiver ... but it does work well in this configuration.  Optical audio out from the Xbox to the receiver for audio.

I have a harmony remote, so switching between various things isn't an issue.

Hey man, I don't have my Xbox One yet but I do have Frontier FiOS.  Could you give an update on this?  Could you also provide maybe a detailed review on how the One functions with the Frontier FiOS cable service?  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks

In case anyone is wondering, Frontier still doesn't work. I'm having the same issue as everyone else, when I go through my Yamaha receiver. I even called Frontier to see if there  was a way they could get the Motorola STB to have two devices between it and the TV, and they said no, and said they couldn't get me a different box. So I guess Frontier users can't use their Xbox One's with receivers at all. I might consider changing providers, but there internet works well.

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