xbox one and 360 chat

since you can plug an xbox 360 into the one does that mean i can talk to my friends in an xbox live party on 360 while still playing a game on the xbox one? can i run the 360 in the background and talk to them while playing? or will i have to snap it and have it take up half of the screen. thanks in advance.                                                                         ps. i already pre ordered it just wondering since im keeping my 360. got a day one fully paid but still have to pay off watchdogs and battlefield 4.


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In guess is that it will still run in the background but you will still have to plug your mic into the 360 controller for voice chat.

Voice chat (in any form) is incompatible between the Xbox 360 & Xbox One consoles; only text chat will be available between consoles. That being said, if you have your Xbox 360 plugged into the Xbox One console, you can still use your Xbox 360 to communicate with other players on another Xbox 360 via Xbox Live. However, because you're using the HDMI pass-through to accomplish this, it's not entirely clear yet as to whether you'll have to swap to the Xbox 360 1st  (full-screen) or if you'll be able to snap it to the side of the screen & can do it that way (my guess is that you won't be able to snap it to the side). As Pyro719 has already said, you will probably have to use your Xbox 360's controller & headset in order to do it just like you do now (in other words, you can't use the Xbox One controller & headset to do it).