Xbox One & Electric Bill

I noticed my electric bill jumped up about $45 after my first month of using Xbox One. The winter was a bit colder in the northeast but that jump is mostly from just having the system on while watching tv.  I compared it to the previous year during the same month.  Anyone else take a look at their electric bill to see a difference?  Any big jumps??  As of now  my Xbox one stays off while I am just watching t.v. 


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Nope, my electric bill lowered last winter to this one.

My electric bill is the same as it always is.

Some homeless person is stealing your power

The average temp in my area dropped 4C...........   my electricity bill was almost a mirror image of last year,,,,,    


An X1 doesn't cost $45/month for power.....

I agree Xbox 1 even Xbox 360, they don't cost $45/month for power (maybe if you use it 24/7). It's not like its a radioactive heater. Xbox 1 uses an AMD Jaguar architecture APU, which is "Jaguar, or Family 16h, is the codename for the next generation low-power SoC microarchitecture by AMD"

Note the word "low-power". M wouldn't create a power hungry box, and call it next gen.

while watching TV the 1 pulls about 70 watts.. while streaming, the same... while gaming it is about 110 or so... figure by watching TV all day and gaming here and there and not really turning off the Xb1 at all all month.. that comes out to about ..

let me figure this out....

take 75 watts average over 24 hours... comes out to 54,000 watts per month... or 54 Kw

NYS (where I am is average 18.1 cents per kwhr)

my cost, leaving the X1 on for a month straight... with normal use amd never turning it off...

$9.72 / month

I figured it out on my own.. then find this..

I think you have more serious issues than the Xbox One OP, I cannot see a games console adding that much to a bill in a month, as tohellnbak posted, on for a month solid would only put it up a fifth of what you're paying.

So as I was saying OP/ either something else kicked in and you think it is the X1...  you have a faulty wire surge protector...or someone is stealing your juice...

I am in NY where it is 18 cents... one of the highest in the nation...  seems to be everyone else is in the 10-14 range

I just got my electric bill from last month.... 31 bucks.  lol.       I live in Northwest Ohio, we had the most amount of snow ever dumped on us in a winter, and at some points during January the wind chill dropped to -40 fahrenheit.  My electric bill during these times was roughly 60 bucks.

I haven't even bothered to check lol. Seems cheap enough though, going from the above. (author aside)

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