Xbox One & Denon AVR post update issue

Hey all,

I've been Googling this problem a few days now and am fed up at this point so I'm making a post and praying for an answer.

I believe I can pinpoint this problem to the latest Xbox One update. Because nothing else that I recall would have changed any settings and I had no issues before.

I have an Xbox One (with my Direct TV DVR running through it) hooked into my Denon AVR 1913, then theDenon out to the TV. Pretty standard stuff. All connected via HDMI.

My Xbox will turn all my components off and on still, but for whatever reason, I only get video but NO AUDIOuntil I turn my receiver off then on again. When I turn it off then back on, I notice an extra digital sign on theDenon display that comes on, that wasn't on when the audio wasn't coming through. It's "PCM." it's not there when I'm not getting audio.

To add to this, my Xbox One settings will not change off "stereo uncompressed" until I restart then receiver. But once I do I can choose the 7.1 uncompressed I want, however it doesn't stay that way. When I turn theXbox off then back on, I have to re-do the process. The most frustrating part is just restarting the Denon receiver each time I turn on my damn TV/setup.

Please help! <3


Second thought - I did buy the Xbox One Stereo Headset (btw it chops a lot and it's basically unusable). But perhaps this is what's creating the issue? Hooking it up locked audio somehow?


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