Xbox on Windows 10??

As I understand it xbox will stream to your PC, what I can understand Is why you would have two systems running to play a game. only thing I can think of is if you don't have a TV... I suppose the editing features and messaging would be nice on PC but I think this is just a waist of R&D money (not like you don't have enough Microsoft) when It could go to more complex idea's.

For example.

Lets say I buy battlefield 5 on Xbox digital copy. bought the game with my Microsoft/xbox account now it is linked to my account and I own that digital copy (or the rights to play it). Lets say I want to play it on my PC. why cant I use the xbox dashboard on windows 10 to install the PC version and play it on PC vs PC, or if I plug in my controller and the xbox dashboard sees this it disables my mouse in game and lets me play against xbox one or PC vs Xbox.

Why when I buy a game from Microsoft I can only play it on one game system or platform. Win 10 on PC on Xbox on Tablet on Phone... I buy tetris off the Microsoft store digital. why can that not run on all 4 plateforms which ever I choose. for the way I see it, Tomb raider on my PC is the same as Tomb raider on Xbox one. both are running on AMD hardware. and x86 language, DDR3. It would not be hard to supply the game files for different platforms.

The reason I say this is cause steam is killing everyone on the PC market. you cant compete. but this would give them a run for their money. talk about revolutionary and changing the landscape of gaming forever. heck phones could run xbox and xbox360 games as long as you purchase it digitally from Microsoft and your account is authorized to use said title. does it really matter what platform your win 10 is running on as long as it can play it?


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They are working on exactly this.  Mind you some publishers will probably push back due to hoping to sell twice to the same consumer:

in relation to streaming xbox games to the pc it is not a waste of R&D money infact it will probabily help a lot of gamers who only have the one console, for instance i arrange for a gaming session with a few friends playing halo from 8pm but at 7pm my dad tells me he is watching a film that starts at 8pm meaning i cant play halo with my friends oh wait a minute yes i can i can just stream the gameplay to my pc, so i can still play my game and my dad can still watch his film, see game streaming from the xbox to the pc is a good idea that helps gamers get more use out of thier consoles!!

[quote user="Shadowramx"]They are working on exactly this.  Mind you some publishers will probably push back due to hoping to sell twice to the same consumer:[/quote]There is a world of difference between crossbuy of titles like Angry Birds and getting free copies of triple A games.

The production costs alone would be massive on say Star Wars: Battlefront in comparison to Angry Birds: Stella.

Also consider that Microsoft are going to be compensating those people who join the cross buy scheme. Again a world of difference between 0.99p for a 'phone' game and the £50 for a Xbox One title.

As for the streaming.  With the Xbox One in my living room, it was awesome for my son to be able to play Batman Arkham Knight on a laptop in his room (which I had HDMI out to his TV) essentially making it like the full experience.

Microsoft has already said they are going to basically do what the OP is asking for (or at least attempt it).!

Phil Spencer came right out and said the Xbox brand will no longer be just the console but the only way this works is by bringing the console exclusives to the PC.

The exclusives being available on the PC would probably increase sales of those specific games but I don't see them making a dent in Steam's player base. Steam has lots of competition, developers like Valve and the client works. GFWL showed that MS doesn't so any of that well and looking at how digital distribution is being handled on the One I wouldn't hold my breath that will change.

The scenario I have is the XBOXONE is in my family room. I have the PS4 in my study/gameroom. So if someone wants to watch TV in the family room, I can always go play on the PS4, but I cannot play on XBOXONE. With streaming I would hope that I could stream my game from the XBOXONE to my PC in the gameroom, there by freeing up the television for someone else.

Guys come on i have tried everything already just cant get a straight answer. When do we get the win 10 update and for the xbox one. Or is it a case of again "well sorry you live in South Africa so you can go suck it. But dont stop spending money on our stuff" We keep getting the short end of the stick. We arnt good enough for anything like even the xbox rewards cause we are a second rate country but we are good enough for our money. I should have bought a playstation instead. Everyone seems allot more happier then xbox one owners.

There's a lot of happy Xbox One owners out there, including myself. To answer your question though, Windows 10 is supposed to come in November, I think. Whether that applies to your country of origin though, I don't know. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.