Xbox Music question I cant find the answer too!

So I have xbox one and a gold account.  I use xbox music on my computer while I work from home and its okay I guess.. no real issues just sometimes the radio is pretty random with what it selects.  Pandora and Spotify are a lot more intuitive on what they "match" you with.

Anyway I also have a samsung galaxy s4 and the xbox music app.  But how come the "explore" option is not on xbox one or on my phone app?  I have seen pictures of this feature but I dont know why neither of my devices have it.  I want to be able to find radio channels like "top 40 hits" or "top hip hop" etc like the other streaming apps like xbox music have.

Is this possible?  Can someone clear this up for me?  Also if you have xbox gold you get xbox music included for free correct?  I have had it since launch and havent been billed $9.99 once...


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Xbox Music is free albeit with ads .. the pay version gets you  a few more things like downloading songs, unlimited streaming with no ads etc ... so it doesn't come included with the Xbox Gold  .. well not the way you're thinking anyway.  each version though is different with what you can do when you're only using the free Xbox Music.

So the "explore" option to have "top hits" etc its on the $9.99 option?

My account says I have the "xbox music one month pass" not the free one....

well i really don't know about the explore option. all i know is that it's different on each platform.

basically theres no way to get lists like top 40 or top hits like spotify has then...