Xbox music, how to switch between devices???

HI all, seems like a simple problem? Think again!

I'm out and about, connected to my Xbox music pass on Nokia Lumia 920 (WP 8, Black update).

I come home and want to switch to using Xbox music on my tablet in my living room, BT streaming to my amp.

No can do.

Xbox says I'm currently streaming from another device. I close Xbox on my phone, but still get the message.

The only solution is to restart my phone AND tablet, and then opening Xbox Music on my tablet.

Same thing later in the evening, when I go upstairs and want to stream from PC in my home-office. I have to restart my tablet, before opening Xbox Music on my PC.

There's gotta be a simpler way, right???

Help! Please?


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I have the same problem but I want to remove my xbox 360 from xbox music so i can listen to it on my windows 8 phone (Nokia Lumia 920 {Lumia Black}) but i cant seem to find out how!