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There is one thing I don't understand about Xbox membership.  You can pay $60 for 12 months or $10 for one month.  The membership isn't any different from 1 month as it is 12 months.  So what's up with the price difference.  Technically paying $5 dollars a month of a membership should say I shouldn't be paying twice as much for 1 month.  Paying for 12 months is basically saying it a guarantee for the 12 months of membership, "if you last that long"  this is why the 1 month is so expensive.  I f you pay for a 12 month subscription and they permanently ban you 2 months after that, they took $50 from you.  But if you pay by month, they'll wait till after you're next payment to ban you so they can get the most out of you.  Now if you paid $5 a month by month and they ban you they wouldn't make enough from you and probably spent more in the process of banning you.  so if you honestly want to get the most out of your membership, take of the re-occurring fee and just pay for each month by hand.  this will allow you to maximize your money and keep them from charging you even though they know they're going to ban you.  This also gives them the only option to ban you then so you can decide if you wanna make another subscription or not.  


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In other words,you just paid for 12 months gold and got banned soon after.


99% of people on here are genuine players that have no reason to worry about getting banned when they buy their subscription,so they are able to get the cheapest price every time.

Another grimmy thing they do is, they'll suspend you if you're on the re-occurring fee and you aren't able to pay for that month.  In other words, they'll make you pay for that month and then next's month subscription before they decide to un-ban you.  which that take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.  Well at least in the case that I was in.  Why don't they just be like any other paying subscription service and just don't offer the service until the person pays.  I don't get how you "punish" your customers for not being able to pay for a service.  Just be like every other service and don't allow access until they pay, instead of sending threatening pop-up messages saying, "if you don't pay for this month's subscription you will be suspended until a payment is made." And still allow the person to use that service for like the next two weeks until you actually suspend them.  To tell you the truth, you honestly make more money by not allowing the service then until waiting a few weeks later to suspended the person, because they have to pay now, then waiting a few weeks to pay and then pay the month after, to find out they still have to wait after they pay.  That detours a lot of people.

That's the thing.  All i did was play games with friends and watch netflix.  And i got a n email yesterday saying I was permanently banned for profile abuse, and complaint abuse.

[quote user="ReformedCornet4"] All i did was play games with friends and watch netflix.[/quote]

Yet on your other post you admit to selling accounts???


All you have to do to avoid the suspension for non payment is turn off auto renew,very simple.

yea that was my first account.  and i had no other accounts to sell

[quote user="ReformedCornet4"]yea that was my first account. [/quote]

Then you deserve any ban you were given.

what does that mean?

selling a xbox live account is against the tos which is punishable by a permanent ban

That's the thing y'all aren't understanding.  I had no account to sell.  And I wasn't trying to!