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Why isn't Xbox Live free? It should be! Paying $60 a year is ridiculous! Make Xbox Live Free! Or at least make it $60 for lifetime membership.




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I doubt this will happen. I'm pretty sure MS is making good money with charging people. I just pay $25 every 3 months because what if something happens to my Xbox?

Sadly, It probably won't happen. This is unless Microsoft ends up getting completely creamed next gen which could be a possibility due to the lack of games they develop and secure exclusively.

The sense of entitlement that people carry these days amazes me.  $60.00 a year (if you buy the year subscription) $5.00 a month (give or take some misc change for tax).  Don't get me wrong...XBL for free would be great...but then everyone would complain that the service was garbage (because they wouldn't put nearly as much effort into maintaining something they were giving away for free).  You get what you pay for...and I'm certainly not claiming that the XBL experience is "perfect"....but (in my opinion, of course)'s certainly better than the "free" service you would receive on PSN.  To each his own though...

Microsoft make you pay as the services they provide cost them. They want to provide you with the best experience