Xbox live work overseas

Hey all,

Looks like there is a good chance of me being posted overseas due to work.  Assuming I actually have an internet connection (which I'm not too hopeful on), will I be able to play Xbox live as normal, even though I have a UK account?




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i av a uk account and work in germany and have no problems.....depends where you go i suppose

You should have no issues playing on LIVE, though some content could very well end up being locked out from you.


If you are going to be abroad for an extended period is may be worth using the Migration Tool and switching your account to that region.

It's going to be for 2-3 years, so a fair extended period but Xbox live isn't available in that country, so I guess that rules out migration.

As long as I can get on live for title updates etc I'll be happy - 2 years or so of single player games may be a blessing lol

Best place for ya!

Angola mate - no Xbox live supported there, so not sure.  TBH, probably lucky if I get dial up speed connection lol

Love you too Phil!