Xbox Live Updating system Do Not Turn Off? help

so i bought my new slim and xbox live was updating my console and the message came up that said "please do not turn off your console" blah blah blah. by accident i hit the power button trying to peal a sticker off and it shut the system off while whatever it was downloading was half way downloaded. is this a problem? should i worry? hopefully not just scares you whenever it says that and it turns off by accident 


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Sooner or later, you're going to turn it back on.  I'd think it'll restart the DL again.  That's what it does with DLC.  Next time, STEP AWAY FROM THE CONSOLE! 

no i went back and it resumed where it left off. i am just wondering i didnt mess the download process up when i turned it off. it fully downloaded when i turned it back on i just hope i didnt corrupt anything when i shut it off the first time

I'm not going to say I KNOW it didn't but I'd BET it didn't mess up anything.  And Congrats on getting a new Slim.

Cdawgx7 you do NOT need to make a post on everything you do!!

just a question man relax

i was just wondering if it was bad for the xbox live update when i turned the system off by accident when it was halfway downloaded. right when i turned it back on and continued to download it picked up where it left off and finished the download thats all i was asking

no its not gonna mess it up noobtub