xbox live support (Have you contacted xbox live support tell me about your experience)

My first experiene of Xbox live support,                                                        ( How it turned into a nightmare within 24 hours)

Was appualling, I first contacted the out of hours chat support i felt like i was speaking to piece of brick. The agent was none responsive it turn out to be a nightmare had to wait over hour to get to chat to some one .

Then when i did get through was speaking to robo cop or shall I say a human brick none responsive or helpfull it felt like the agent was not interested our cared. I was pretty P*** o**. If you know what i mean,AFTER 1/2 hour ended the conversation with robo cop.

I pretty cheesed off as this was the first time i contacted MS Xbox live and i have been a loyal xbox fan. And it enoyed me even more because i was paying for subscription

And my expectations were high !!!!

At the earliest opportunity i contacted xbox live phone support the explain to  my frustration and what i thought about their service.

the call centre agents don't listen to what you say to them,they have very bad communication skills they speak over you. I was quiet surprised the agent was chatting on about something completely different or trying to prove me wrong before he had asked me any probing or diagnostics questions on the issues i was having.

I could not beleive they dont even have basic customer service skills, how to greet some one on the phone or ask you for your name or take you account details to check if you are a customer.

I was going in circles I spoke to few supervisors i tryed to explain that i did not really care about the issues i had  with xbox live services as i did not care any more.

Every time i explained to them i thought the service was poor they were in denial . they tryed to change the subjects they were not aware about basic company policy or the complaints process.

I even had one supervisor  hang up one me and advised me that complaints are not dealt over the phone they need to be sent in writing.  I thought to my self they most be joking. Some of the agents were not even willing to disclose head office contact details?

i was supriced by the lack of product knowlege and customer service, in the end i did not even discus the issues i orginally called up about.

It was near impossible to get a acknowledgment from them that they failed in providing customer service and certain standards i was expecting from them.

baring in mind xbox live service by my calculations make a minimum of hundreds of millions of pounds a year in revenues for Microsoft worldwide

I will like to end by saying what a pile of dog *** and if i continue anymore i would probally need to write a biography about MS xbox live customer support.

Let me know about your experiences and how you found xbox live support.





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What was the problem you had that made you call support?

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