XBOX live sudden problems

Everything with the wireless connection up to this point has been fine.
Online games and downloading times have had no issues.


3 days ago i started getting a lot of diconnection interruption on blackops 2.
I ended the game straight to the dashboard, as it was unbearable. I reentered and
got hit with probation for first time ever. I rejoined a game later on only to witness
the same results. Full green bars to one red bar every 30 seconds.
I left the game again and it got stuck on the host migrating screen.
After a couple of mins of staring at this screen, and becoming increasingly annoyed,
i quit straight to dashboard.
But instead of the console entering the dashboard, i was greeted with a swirling
circle on a grey background.
After another 2 minutes of this, i turned off the xbox using the console button,
as the pad wasn't responding.

After turning it back on the next day i noticed all the same issues.
It's not been right since.
Intermittent disconnections; All sorts of error messages regarding xbox live
content availability; and incredibly slow game downloading times.
A 2 gig game downloading is only at 20% after 6-7 hours.
Earlier it said 36%. Then jumped to 100% and notified me
"download stopped" rather than "download complete".

After a restart caused by another disconnection it then
showed 17% and froze on 21%. the game download then went from 21, to 34, to 44,
I've just checked again and its at 22%. What is going on here?
I've tested both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 at various times since, and ran into
the same "diconnection interuption" problems as stated earlier.
All coveniently 1 week after signing up for a 3 month gold package.

Some of the error codes i've been receiving are: 80151909, 80072746, 8007274c

i've noticed for a while now, xbox has seemed to take a much longer to sign in.
(1-2mins),i remember it used to be almost instantaneous.
It seems to have started after pop up messages appeared announcing the account wasn't
secure enough. But that is a separate problem really.

Just as i type this (near midnight 17/01/14) im trying to sign in after another
disconnection, and it's now showing 801c274c and not letting me sign in at all.

I left it a few mins, tried to sign, took 2-3 mins. then notification popped up
saying "diconnected" before i was even signed in. then it continued to sign in for
around minute and this error popped up. 80072EE2

Having searched for answers on this, there seems to be other people tweeting that
they're having similar problems signing in.

For the record, i'm using an official wireless xbox adapter.
All other pc's are downloading fine. is showing 10mbps download and 0.75 upload with 8ms ping

The xbox network connection test shows everything is working. (Although this test
alone takes a couple a minutes to complete. The router is working fine, It would seem
It's just the xbox.

I've cleared the cache 3 times. cleared the marketplace data, and nothing has changed.

At first i gave xbox live the benefit of the doubt, assuming it was undergoing
scheduled maintenance. But after 3 days I'm thinking It's something more serious.

I apologise for the lengthy post, but i think everything said is relevant.
Please help.

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Any Error Codes you encounter:

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After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.)












Also, you're not alone. A lot of people (including myself) are having many issues with Xbox Live. I feel that Microsoft has shifted their attention to Xbox One and have forgotten about those on the 360's.

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