Xbox Live Store Confusion

I recently got an Xbox One and I am finding the store to be quite weird, I am wondering if someone can tell me if I am missing something and if not why Microsoft has designed the store to be like this.

The prices seem to be hidden when looking at games until you select that particular game page.

Are the only games that are on sale in the "Deals with Gold" category? So am I to assume all other games are not on sale and are selling at regular price because I don't see many other categories.

Lastly when selecting a game in the store you have to then click again to go into bundle only and then you can select the different edition of the game. Why not just have the different version (edition) of the game on the left side menu?


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I have the same gripe about hiding the prices until you click on it. They should show the price upfront.

I might be wrong but I think the deals are usually listed in the deal with gold section or other deal.  Sometimes there is a tile featured that has deals that are for gold and silver members if I recall but mostly it is deal with gold.

The prices are only shown in the games page in the store.  If the game is only available in some bundle it will say bundle only.  Which kind of makes sense.  That way someone can find a game and then there is a link to the bundle it is in.  Like with collections.  You may be looking for a specific game and not have any idea to look for the bundle it is in.  This way you see the game and then can go to the bundle.

I will say that I wish there was a categories listing (and that it worked, more on this in a minute).  Sometimes I am just looking to see strategy games and there is no easy way to find that.  Same with any category.

Now, as for the categories working correctly.  Windows 10 has a store but it has issues with the categories.  For example:  I go to the Games section.  Next I go to "Game categories".  Now, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is on the main page.  It is not listed in any category once in the "Game categories" section.  In fact, a few other games I have downloaded from my list or from the main page are not listed in any category.  Mostly junk is listed there.  Asphalt 8: Airborne is the same way.  It is not listed under the "Racing and Flying" category.  

Yeah I saw the little square on the home screen which shows deals with gold.

I am hoping they fix some of these things when Win 10 comes to Xbox.

Having owned a Xbox 360, PS4, and a powerful PC I was actually in shock to see that the PS4 store is actually much better in terms of categories and clearly showing the prices and sales.

Also when downloads are happening is there a way to see size downloaded / Total Size for a game as well as the speed or does it only show percentage?

I agree the PS4 is better.  Still not good but better which is a sad thing.  I just see the Windows 10 store as needing some work and hope they have that sorted before they launch on the One.  I know it will not be exactly the same but they need to show some consistency and quality across the stores.  For me it hurts the indie type games because I may not purchase at launch and I may forget them.  If they had categories and stuff I would be much more likely to find them and buy them.

Also why are digital games holding a $60 value after over a year?  Heck disc games can get second hand for like $7 to $20 easily.  Digital games are just easy money.  They rather sell none then drop them in price.  Or once they're like a year or 2 old then they don't drop in price but called it deluxe edition or gold edition with all dlc included and keep it at $60 instead of having the standard edition at less then $60.  I prefer digital instead of disc games.  But paying full price after a game is over a year or so old is dirty pool.  I don't wanna sound cheap but come on.

Yeah good point on the older games, I noticed that as well when I was checking out Forza 5, it just comes as the game of the year edition. There is no reason to remove the lower priced editions of course other than to make more money.

I probably would have considered getting that if it was lower priced (standard edition) but now I think its better just to wait for Forza 6.

@Graw -- You can't compare second hand prices with the price of new games.... even if they're a digital title.  As for the actual cost of digital games, this subject has been brought up about 500 times already.  It's been discussed to death.

@syedjk -- I would have thought the change would have happened by now, but given the ever-increasing list of titles for the One, just searching by popular or release date is getting cumbersome.  Having said that, I mainly use SmartGlass to make all of my game purchases on the One.  There's an easy section to find the GwG and the Deals with Gold.  If you have a smart phone, I'd try that out.

They should still keep standard editions without DLC season pass.  Just have it drop in price quarterly or yearly.  A digital game after being a year old should be $40 or less.  $60 is steep after a year or so.

Well GRAW as for the keeping it $60 and including all dlc that is fine by me.  They are providing more for the money.  So that is not a big issues in my view.

I remember how the talk from all the companies, a lot of articles and quotes can be had, of how digital would help save consumers money.  Ok, I understand not competing with retail.  But when NEW retail (not talking used) is $20 they could reduce the digital price without competing to much.  But they have no reason to do that.

There are benefits to digital.  No, not the saving 5 seconds on putting in a disc or swapping thing although that is a valid thing if it means something to you.  The bigger benefit might be game sharing.  For $60 you can buy one copy and 2 (or more) people use it.  My son and I share games this way.  And then anyone on the home console can use those games.  So not a bad feature.  So in that sense I can see the games not dropping quite as fast.  Still, $60 for a game I could pick up new for $20 is a little crazy.  At that rate I can buy 3 new copies and have 3 people playing at the same time.