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Is there a list or a map with all of the new locations that xbox live servers will be located?  I have noticed that recently I have been getting placed in matches with alot of people from the Chicago area in Black Ops 2 and being that I am 6 hrs from Chicago it puts me in a slight but noticeable latency disadvantage.  Just wondering where the new servers were supposed to be going to.


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They will be all around the world.

I don´t think you will find a list with all the details.

You will maybe know the countries they are an and maybe the states but that´s it.

Don´t think its a good idea to give out the exact locations.

There are currently about 15,000 servers around the world powering Xbox Live. That number is expected to jump to 300,000 for the Xbox One, so you can expect a lot more locations to be added to the Content Delivery Network. I know some of the locations for the servers in use now include Virginia and Washington (Seattle) in the United States. There are servers all over the world like the United Kingdom (London) and Japan (Tokyo), as well as Australia and probably some others. It's hard to find an exact list of the server locations as it isn't really that public.

There are thousands of servers all around the world.  However, Call of Duty Black Ops II doesn't use dedicated servers.  The game of course utilises Xbox LIVE and Activision's online systems for matchmaking, and online progress, but the games themselves are not hosted by MS or Activision.  In it's place, the system chooses a user based on location and connection speed to host a game.  You should be able play people closer to home by changing your online search settings.

Call of Duty Ghosts will utilize the microsoft cloud as dedicated servers.  However, they have started to implement this as well in BO2.  I haven't seen a host migration in a while.  I was just wanting an idea of how close I would be to my closest server when all servers are up and running.  And as far as the settings go on my end, believe me, I have maximized everything on my end since I have had connection issues from day 1 with BO2. (I believe to be a result of the rural area I live in)

Is the xb1 using only US servers at the moment? It would explain the latency issues. If i test my ping to a uk hosted site like it shows as around 17ms where as if i use the inbuilt test it shows around 165ms. Use on your IE, it doesn't require flash

so.. the DNS can slow your ping with the close servers?