Xbox Live Rewards not working

ok so i have had 270 microsoft points pending on the rewards page for about 3 months now why are my points not being added to my account? does any have an answer or can help me?


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You should post it here,  07 - Using Xbox Rewards or a special offer.

[/quote]This is correct. 


my point have not activated for 2 month on my xbox live acount thats not fair i need those points its 380 points


Ive got gold and been wth xbox rewards since launch, im having the same problem,says i need to register and when i try it says need to be gold, been gold for 4 years...

You should post it here,  07 - Using Xbox Rewards or a special offer.

Idont know i am a gold member i have had rewards since december and for some weird reason i have 270 points pending and its like it wont work or somthing. its supposed to put points in your account every 15th of the month but its not for some reason it sux i cant just call microsoft.

maybe you signed up with a different account/email i did but i sorted it now

I have been a member of the rewards program since it’s launch but now when I log in it asks me to join the rewards program.

When I sign in it then says I don’t have an Xbox live account when I clearly do so and have done so for like 6 years.

Just to clarify I am using the same rewards account and live account as I have done since launch without previous issue.

His name is gold, unless he's posting about a different account...

Are you gold?