XBOX LIVE profile and ESRB ratings

Ok, so big brother is now playing parent...

My son (11) just bought his first XBOX 360.  We set him up w/ his own LIVE account (linked to mine since he is not old enough).  He then purchased a GOLD subscription (12 months) and redeemed it using his account.

This means that he is unable to download any of the free monthly games made available if their ESRB ratings are Teen or above...  Yes, I understand an 11 year doesn't need to be playing some of these games, but still, shouldn't the parents make this decision?  I mean, I might want to play some of these games...

I will get to the point...

So I ignored the advise of my peers and used his real age when setting up his account...  Beyond purchasing a second XBL subscription, is there any way to get around this?  One suggestion that was made was to transfer his GamerTag to an adult verified MS account, does this buy us anything after the XBLG membership is activated?

This is most frrustrating... What benefit are we really getting from this expensive  XBL Gold membership?  Chatting online with friends?  Ipods allow this for free...

Feel free to vent...  :)




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There is No way "around" it. You would have to create a brand new account with a different age. BY DOING SO however, you violate the ToS, and the account could be banned if ever investigated.


And if you REALLY want your child to have and play these M rated games, Then just go out and buy some used copies of them.. They are dirt cheap honestly.


Where the parents do NOT get the decsion, is when buying Digital content, because there are Federal and International laws that prohibit children from buying rated material. Just as you 11 year would be UNABLE to walk into Walmart and buy an M Rated game, Or some random gas station and buy Penthouse, they cant buy directly from MS either.


Otherwise you would be making a thread about how "MS allowed your 11 year old to buy M rated material on Live, and how WRONG that would be".....


Also, "Big Brother" has had these kinds of laws for over 30+ years now.....

That makes sense...

In the end, I guess I really don't want him having these games...  But I would rather be able to maximize the value of the XBL subscription and then control who can play these via the console parental controls...  (Stated another way, I want access to these games)

So I guess the question is whether the XBL subscription is tied to the GamerTag or the underlying MS Account.  If I tie his GamerTag to my account (which I hear is the prefered method, but chose to ignore) does the XBL subscription transfer with?

Appreciate the input

XBox Live memberships are tagged to the GT, not the email.  And the subscription does not transfer.


You could try calling support, and see if there is anything they will do, though i doubt it.