Xbox Live on Xbox One?

Ok I know they got rid of the family plan for Xbox Live, but do we have to buy (3) different accounts now? Thx so much.

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You can carry your GT/Account that you have now over to Xbox One, you don't have to start/buy a new membership.

Ok thx, but my kids want an account as well do they have to buy a separate one?

I believe ( I could be wrong ) if they want to play online and haven't already got an account to carry over then yes they will have to buy separate accounts.

if i remember right the one great thing about xb1 is if you have xbox live gold on your account then anyone else that uses your xboxone with there accountt hey will have gold aswell because it is on the main profile

What vG said. The one thing that Is different between Xbox Live on the 360 and the X1 is the way Gold works. On 360, you have to buy a Gold account for each person that wants one. However, on X1, all you need is to buy one Gold account, set up the X1 as the home console and anyone who plays on that one will have Gold membership features even if their gamertag is a silver account.