Xbox Live not Working

Hello Microsoft, I am extremely disappointed in the level of service provided to me as a gamer. Moreover, I pay Microsoft good money to use xbox live and other services and feel the company should compensate me as a consumer for not being able to play when I wanted to. Thank-you, (MOD REMOVED)


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Xbox Live is having some difficulties.

So it's down for a couple hours, things do that once and a while.  Be sure to send a demand notice for $0.16 for the whole day of lost playing.

P.S.  You may want to remove your email address to prevent email and phishing scams.

I agree, if they are going to charge for XBL, it should have up-time percentages like google or... uh... hotmail?  I would love someone to prove me wrong with this but methinks that IT and network administration personnel has been cut and cut since the original roll out with sporadic, temporary hiring, through talent headhunters, for contract workers.  I have seen it time and time again in the tech industry, large companies are always trying to develop and administrate cruical networking systems on temporary personnel. While this is arguably acceptable if you are running a website for a large business (though not advisable I must say), or implementing new hardware on an internal business network, when it comes to paid services like XBL, there should be lots of the best and brightest in the industry manning the helm.  

Instead, because very few people understand the sort of systems these are, the executive or manager who has "IT" added to their job responsibilities list (usually after drawing straws or losing a knife fight with the other members of the management team). I remember when PSN went down a while back I received about 25  "urgent" emails from hiring headhunters about a "secret" job in my area that would be "perfect" for my skill set.  I chuckled after reading this (because it happens about 2 or 3 times a year) and decided to think it over while playing some PS3.  To my surprise, I could not log on... So I wrote a few of them back inquiring about the job.  They responded with a bunch of tech-sounding lingo that they had no idea how to use, and, to my surprise, they offered me a ton of money to figure out what had "happened" during a "security breach".  I told them to forward me the mainframe's server logs. The response shocked me (and made me laugh), "we don't know how to do that", can you come to the ATT campus (that shall remain nameless, but resides in Southern California)? My response was, "where is the normal network personel, they should know how to do it?" "HE is on vacation and they layed off the rest of the folks that worked at the facility earlier this week," they responded (gee where do you think the security breach happened?) I passed, as I knew it would be a horrible mess I would likely get blamed for (even though I hadn't started working when it happened... Its happened before).  The moral of the story is, Whoever wrote the "service alert" caption does not instil confidence in me.  First of all, it makes no sense and is worded... um.. puzzlingly. Second, they should know what happened within minutes for a variety of reasons (if there is actually someone there, which I doubt). So either they are clueless or being disingenuous, either way, MS should not treat this so casually.  Oh and what's up with the ads for XBL Gold members, you are really charging paying users to see ads, what is this, hotmail?    

Are you guys for real? Server issues happen, seriously.... Nothing is perfect even if it was paid. Just get over it, it will come back.