Xbox live matchmaking question

For at least the last two days I've tried matchmaking in Halo4 and it usually seems to kick everyone at the voting screen for selecting the map in matchmaking and sometimes it will say I'm not connected to Xbox live.

Also sometimes seems to lag at the voting screen right before everyone is kicked.

Is there still an issue with the matchmaking service or is it just something with my Xbox 360?


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If you're still having issues I suggest creating a post here for networking assistence

I don't think it is me at all. I think it is still a problem with Xbox live matchmaking service at least for Halo 4 as I can play single player Spartan ops just fine and do anything else that requires being connected to Xbox live except the online multiplayer.

I've already looked up troubleshooting steps for when a single Xbox cannot connect, but that didn't help.

Just tried again and got a brief message that the Halo4 server is not available then a message that I had lost my Xbox live connection.

Problem solved. I powered down my router then powered it back up and all is well.