Xbox live keeps disconnecting

I havent used youtube in ages since new update i cant stand it the last two days i went on it to find stuff and its even worse than before but the issue im having is the xbox live stops working the last couple of days at around 7 to 8am as im watching youtube it stops i dont know if its youtube or xbox live is anybody else having this problem.

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You can check here:

This will let you know if Xbox Live is down or having issues as well as the YouTube app.  If they're both up, and you're having issues, you may have an Internet and/or wiring problem.

Yeh really really hacked of I wanted NetFlix!  Can't get and Youtube and its been *** well off for *** hours.  Just adding to a *** day

um hi idk where to go for this but when ever I play a game im always offline and when I try to connect it sais I have no internet *witch I do* but when I dashboard im online again can any1 help plz