XBox Live keeps disconnecting and my XBox scratched a ring around one of my games.

I'm pretty much done with XBox. My XBox keeps disconnecting after 15-30 minutes. It has had this problem in the past and it eventually resolves itself but for weeks I can't play on XBox Live which I pay for (unlike on my Playstation which works fine during this time). In the past I have called XBox live support, posted on this forum and even called my internet provider even though my PLAYSTATION and PC haven't had any connection problems. Even though some of the XBox Live people tried to be helpful and went through everything they thought could be the problem, there was never a solution found. No one could give me answers. Up until about an hour ago I was ready to go out and buy a new XBox but after fighting with my current XBox I feel it would be a waist of money. Why buy a system that is notorious for hackers ruining games, that is notorious for breaking (This is my 2nd system and my friends all have had multiple systems, including a friend who is on 5 or 6) and that is known for scratching and breaking games? Why bother? In my opinion, it's not worth the money. Even if I buy a new system, I still have to replace the games that my old system scratched. Maybe when my anger over this over priced piece of garbage subsides, I may change my mind but as of right now, I don't want to renew XBox Live or even play the system any more. From now on I'm a Playstation guy. Sorry for the rant but I feel it was needed.


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