hi i have Cable Internet and my speed is 20mbps and my plan is 250gb and my connection all ways in the afternoon is laggy and i dont know what to do , please help me


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I see you play COD, that could be the issue as it is P2P, what is your upload speed and ping, also on MW3 turn off the option to record the gameplay as that sometimes helps

should add check you internet speed at

Ive checked my internet speed and still getting lag on every game ive got,So i went on my ps3 and my games on that have no lag what so ever

my results for are ping: 12 but its changes , download speed: 18.91 Mbps and upload speed is 0.43Mbps , and during the day its perfect i have skype open, facebook and stuff and its perfect but during the afternoon its laggy , i dont know why