Xbox Live is Conning it's Users?

Okay so simple as possible.

When you buy a new membership on the Xbox you are asked if you wish to renew or not, I ALWAYS select NO however, I end up finding out that it still is actually renewing, but I did say NO so for whatever reason I just thought this was a glitch so then later on today I wen't to go disabling it because for some reason you can't disable it on the Xbox because you know, it really needs that much protection that someone who will hack your account will want to disable money which is being taken from your account, anyhow on the PC which is the platform you need to turn it off, you have to go through a bunch of settings just to get to the screen with all your billing information, now bearing in mind, in the original place you only had to press "Renew (Off)" now you have to go through activation codes for no purpose what so ever.

Can someone please explain to me the point in all of this? Or is it just Microsoft conning it's users into not realizing they are renewing and if not make the way of disabling twenty times more easier. 


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If you are wanting to disable your renewal option, just call customer support. Plain and simple.

No it's not conning its users because it clearly says "call Customer Support" as XBL Prophet stated above.

But surely a service, would not require "To call it's Customer Support" If you already wish to turn off Auto-Renewal by clearly selecting "Auto-Renewal Off"

It's essentially the same thing as Mail-In Rebates. Companies know that people are lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of doing the mail-in rebate and then waiting like 6-8 weeks for the money to return to them. That is why most "sales" for big ticket items, you have to go through a mail-in rebate. Microsoft knows we don't want to go through the hassle of calling in and dealing with Microsoft customer support. They probably figure that fewer people would make that call. If they really didn't care, they would make it much much easier to turn auto renewal off.

Back when you could turn off auto renewal from the console and, they probably noticed a drop in people renewing their memberships. So they went and made it more difficult to turn auto renewal off. Then they started doing these deals on the dashboard, and secretly auto renewal is turned back on when you do the deal.