Xbox Live in unsupported countries?

Hello, i live in Serbia and as such Xbox Live is not officially available here.

I was wondering will i be able to use Xbox One with Xbox Live UK account without any problems or is Microsoft going on a witch hunt for people like me (banning them)?

Getting funds and Xbox Live Gold codes is not a problem as i can order them from UK.

I am mainly asking due to strict Microsoft policies on Xbox One/Live working in unsupported countries until they changed it.



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I would like to know that too. Still some country from Europe Union is not officially supported by microsoft and it is pain to play on xbox from such country. All live services is ***, because is region lock... Sony has nevere made such region lock and their console is much more common in East Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece and etc). We are not some tribe country and we would like to pay and to have fun like rest of the world. Currently in countries like us is easier to hack xbox (I totally don't support that) than to use it with real money and live. I will have more headache with regional lock (even for games which is coming in bundle which is sold in our country!!!!!! ) than with piracy... this is unbelievable! I don't want to steal from MS or from Publisher (and I don't do it), I want to have ability to pay for my xbox live and to receive same amount of fun like UK or US users? Why I am worst than any spoil american kid? Do something! Bring us fully supported XBOX LIVE with all dlc and games which is available in EUROPE WITHOUT LOCK!!! For sake, I can go to Germany without Visa or anything else, but because I have *** Bulgarian IP, I can't buy or download half of the store... Should I go to German every time when I need to download or pay for something on my xbox? This is really the main reason why I want to get ps4... their psn is much easier to use in our (tribe) country....

I really hope that this won't be voice in the desert and someone will help us and do something with this problem!


YEAH! I live in Namibia (south africas neighbours) and we are not allowed to pay either..they do not accept our currency even though our money is worth the excact same!!I can take 100 dollars to south Africa and it wont change..why are they getting all the access to gold memberships, don't we want to play online?? don't we want 2 free games per month??don't we want discounts on games?? THIS IS NOT FAIR TO THE REST OF US AND WE THINK WE SHOULD BE TREATED THE EXACT SAME WAY THEY TREAT THE US AND UK CITIZENS,WE ALSO MATTER,DONT LEAVE US IN THE DARK

I think the problem here is that Microsoft mostly caters to North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Western Europe, and Oceania (Australia & New Zealand). Kinda sucks that ya fellow Serbians don't have Xbox Live, but is this true that ya Serbians have PlayStation Network?

The decision is usually up to a countries government, legal mumbo jumbo.