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To those who are getting the elder scrolls online we will still need xbox live to play it online even after all of Bethesda hard work in trying to get Microsoft to let us off withe xbox live gold like withe Sony on there ps4 who have said yes. But because Microsoft are so money hungry they said no.

so to anyone who docent like the idea of paying for the game + subscription fee and xbox live gold and still want it pump Microsoft xbox 360 and xbox one forums withe posts saying you want to play elder scrolls online withe out xbox live gold and to stop being so greedy and stingy if Sony can do it so can they. And maybe withe lots of posts asking the same thing we might change there minds.


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No they wont change their mins and spamming the forums is a sure fire way to get yourself banned. Xbox live Gold id required for MP on all xbox titles it has been for 10 years nothing will change get used to it. The fact is ESO should not have the monthly subscription charge that sales model died years ago. Im not going to pay £40-50 for the game then have to pay an addition montly charge to play the game.

I am not spamming i only posted one time and just saying others who agree withe me to tell microsoft about it like i said if sony say you dont need to pay for online on ps4 to play the game then microsoft should do the same withe xbox live gold.

You were encouraging others to spam the forums, which is not allowed.

There is already a thread like this in the games discussion section. If you cont the gold pay wall get it on PS4 or PC. Vote with your wallet and don't buy it for Xbox one.

The fact that they wan't me to pay a monthly subscription just to play that one game is a huge reason as to why I don't want to get the game on any platform. Like Viral said, the monthly subscription sales model died a while ago. That's why so many MMOs have added in a free to play version of the product now that offers, for the most part, a dubbed down version of the game with limited features in the hopes that they can still convince some of the players to buy a subscription.

I don't think Bathesda should try and get Microsoft to offer their game online to non gold members. I already have gold so it doesn't make a difference in whether or not I'd be able to play it and it would still be an extra fee on top of the gold fee I'm already paying for other games anyways.

Again like Viral said, Gold has been required to play online for all xbox titles for over ten years and changing it now just for one game that wants to have an online monthly subscription fee would't make sense.

If anyone is money hungry as OP said, it's the team behind ESO. I don't get why people complain about XBL being such a burden. It's $60 a year, that's $5 a month. I understand ESO is going to cost $15 a month, but I view XBL as another game I purchase every year.

If you can afford to buy games, you can afford to buy XBL every year.