Xbox Live Gold ugh

Make it free. Seriously, look at PC and what they do with Steam, Origin, League, ect.. Paying for multiplayer is absolutely stupid. PS3 almost took Microsoft over offering free multiplayer and they convinced a whole generation of kids that Sony is better than Microsoft. If you want to really win people over then take a temporary hit right now and watch all of the masses flood over to Xbox One to play Halo 5 and Call of Duty (ew) on Xbox One when they don't have to pay for it. I really wish I worked for Microsoft because I could take this company from the depths of shantytown to the streets of New York City (minus the gang activity). 


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There is no way Microsoft are going to give up the hundreds of millions in revenue that the Gold membership provides. Even Sony realised that people were willing to pay to play online on consoles, you require PSN Plus to play online with the PS4.

Dude, shut up already, Microsoft doesn't need to offer free multiplayer. Look what happen to the PS3 last gen, it had free online but the servers are terrible & there were much more hackers online thus PSN is more down than Xbox Live ever was. Learn your facts and quit hating on Microsoft BlueberryNinjas.

So you would actually stop all the millions of pounds coming in from gold accounts?

I don't believe you would. And i doubt microsoft are some how in shantytown. Think there already on the streets of New York.