XBOX Live Gold Free Months Membership.

I was bought a new XBOX 360 for my birthday & have been playing on it for the last couple of weeks as an XBOX Live Silver member, but I was recently told by a friend that all new Consoles come with a free months membership to XBOX Live Gold. I have checked the XBOX website to see that this is actually true. Howevere after messing about on my xbox for hours I still cant seem to activate my free month.


No code or membership card came with my console.


Anybody know how I can get my free month??


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The gamertag needs to be created on the new console.


I did that.

Its the first XBOX I've owned so I've never created a gamertag before.

Just to break it down: you purchase a brand new console from the store, take it home, set it up, and create the gamertag on the console (not the website). When it asks you if you want gold or silver, choose silver and you'll get a free month of Xbox live. This can be done for 3 different gamertags, but only ONCE per gamertag. Did you buy a brand new console? Or did you buy one that you thought was brand new but wasn't? The only way you could not be receiving the free month of gold is if you bought a used console and all three were used up.