Xbox Live Gold codes in other countries

My sister is currently living in Singapore and is considering Live Gold for her 360. Can she buy a code for a 12 month subscription (or 3 month) from the US and have it work with her Xbox. It's a US Xbox she brought with her. I don't thin I they've got very connected it to the Internet. They also apparently have some sort of VPN router or som thing that can make their Internet connection look like a US one (to get US Netflix and Comcast Xfinity).


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No. Live codes are region locked so she would have to buy it in Singapore.

I thought live codes were not region locked on account credit and MSP were

Prepaid Gold membership codes should be multiregional but prepaid cash and points are region locked. If she has a US credit card attached to her account it shouldn't be a problem buying membership and adding money to her account if it is an American account. Interesting how she can spoof her internet connection to think it is an American connection as it shouldn't be possible to access region locked apps.

Changed last year.Live sub codes are now region locked.